Strolling for Stitches

The idea behind Strolling for Stitches is to get people walking, looking at their surroundings, and creating a piece of unique textiles inspired by their walk. It's a very mindful activity, encouraging you to focus on what's around you. We take notes, photographs, sketch and paint what we see based on a theme for that walk. We then turn our work into a piece of textile art, using stitch, knitting, weaving, felting, collage, patchwork, button making, knitting, and crochet. Below is a list of suggested themes, and places to walk. There is a little health and safety too.


These are suggestions for themes, feel free to adapt them as needed. The first few are themes we've used on previous walks. We may use them again, in new locations.  .

Circle; anything but green; blue; spaces; structure; wild; reflection; symbol; hidden

Pick a shape; pick a letter and find something that looks like that letter, or begins with that letter; pick a colour; holes; time; home; holiday; peace; adventure; atmospheric; wind; rain; sun (or any sort of weather); 

Locations for walks

We are lucky in our area as we have a wealth of countryside, small towns, historic sites, and nature reserves around us. There is something interesting to see anywhere, but if you are stuck for ideas, why not try a google search for local history, or take a trip to your local tourist information or library. There are some great maps on sites like The Woodland Trust, National Trust, English Heritage, Natural England and many local council websites. Your local wildife trust will have a map of its sites as well. Look for places that have parking or public transport so you can meet up, and accessibility for those in your group who may not be as able. Keep a list of suggestions so you remember them, and can use them when you're stuck. 

Health and Safety

Always follow the Countryside Code when out walking. Take plenty of water. Make sure someone knows where you are going, and when to expect you back if you are walking on your own. Take a fully charged phone (useful for taking photos too). Wear appropriate weather gear and sunscreen. Take a map if you are going somewhere unknown. Phone signal can be unreliable, especially mobile data, so don't rely on your phone for directions. If you are organising a group walk make sure someone is first aid trained, and that you have relevant insurance. Look up the area you are walking before you go to check for site specific hazzards.