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Bee, Sheep and Bull Uptite

Uptites for doing up Circular Needles

A range of Uptites to tighten the detachable needle point onto the flexible plastic cord of circular knitting needles. Uptites are replacements for fiddly lengths of bent wire that are too easily lost! Suitable for needles with a 1mm tightening hole.

Insert the hardened shaft through the hole and tighten gently but firmly whilst holding the body between thumb and forefinger. Conveniently sized to find in your bag or hang from the tail clip.

Choose from the popular Bee, familiar Sheep or perhaps the raging Bull!

Bee Uptite
Body 4cm ( ~1.6”) long, hardened steel shaft 1mm x 19mm

Sheep Uptite
Body ( ~1.6”) long, hardened steel shaft 1mm x 19mm

Bull Uptite
Body 4cm ( ~1.6”) long, hardened steel shaft 1mm x 19mm

As a knitter, spinner and weaver Gill from Fleece Loved Products has often found it difficult to acquire the essential tools for her craft needs. Fortunately, her husband has the design and manufacturing skills to produce just what she requires and so Fleece Loved Products came about. We're lucky enough at Beaker Button to sell their fabulous tools and accessories.

Starting with simple gauges their range has expanded and they remain open to ideas and suggestion from like-minded people.


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Brand Fleece Loved Products
Code FLP302
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