Dorset Button Books Bundle by Jen Best
Dorset Button Books Bundle by Jen Best
Dorset Button Books Bundle by Jen Best
Dorset Button Books Bundle by Jen Best
Dorset Button Books Bundle by Jen Best

Dorset Button Books Bundle by Jen Best

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PDF Dorset Button Four Book Bundle 

PDF Beaded Dorset Buttons Instruction Book for Beginners to Experts 

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Beaded Dorset Buttons - includes 11 projects using beads and buttons or beaded buttons, perfect for expanding your beading button skills and using up your button stash.

Simply Dorset Buttons - includes beaded, Fair Isle style, Singleton and fancy buttons and how to design your own!

Dorset Button Accessories - Beautiful, fabulous and funky accessories using traditional Dorset buttons. 14 simple button designs to make, 20 individual projects, and create your own unique pieces! 

Dorset Buttons with a Twist - Each project is a piece of wearable art, including a brooch, hair slide, shawl pin, choker, scarf ring, bracelet, pendant, key ring, zip pull and a button. 

The inspiration behind all theses books is to get people making Dorset buttons all over the world. They were once world famous, worn by royalty. They should be so again. They are also fun, beautiful, practical, versatile and addictive. You have been warned!

Here at Beaker Button we're passionate about this fabulous craft. We are always coming up with new designs and uses for Dorset buttons and we are fascinated by the endless possibilities they present. From finishing hand knitted or crocheted projects to embellishing Quilts, Dorset buttons add that special unique touch that makes a project really sing. We turn them into jewellery, either stitched together or simply on their own. We use them on bags, scarves, cards, clothing and more. Everything you can do with a normal button you can do with a Dorset button, and you can make your Dorset button completely individual, customised to complement your project.

Dorset buttons were stitched by hand in Dorset from the early 1600's to 1851. They were shipped all over the world and were even worn by royalty. This cottage industry employed over 4000 people at its height, making over 100 different Dorset button types, all in white linen. Their popularity died overnight after the Great Exhibition of 1851, when a new button machine was showcased. Many families were left destitute and emigrated to escape starvation, and the art was more or less lost. The W.I., the Arts and Crafts movement and others have kept this fabulous craft alive and now you can learn how to make them too.

Dorset buttons are coming back in a big way. Here at Beaker Button we love using modern colour and materials to create a contemporary twist on this fabulous craft. There is nothing more trendy than personalising your project with your own hand stitch Dorset button!



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