We've moved the blog to Kofi
Hi. If you're looking for the latest Beaker Button goings on please check out of Kofi feed. It's so much easier to post when I want to on Kofi, and if you sign up as a follower you'll automatically get an email whenever I post something. 
Price Rises Reminder and a Tree!
Just a gentle reminder that at the end of March that all the workshop prices are set to rise. If you buy a workshop online before the price rise at the end of March, we’ll give you a voucher valid until the end of 2024.
Ménière’s disease and me
I want to start by saying this isn’t a woe is me post. I want to talk about my Ménière’s and how it may affect my business, and what I’m doing to keep as normal a life as possible. There is a link below for those who’d like to know more about Ménière’s....
Price rises and an offer!
Do you remember the Tricky Patch sale we had last year? And the Hard Facts Time blog post in September? Well we’re still struggling, and this is our busy period! The issue is that people are not spending money on stuff nearly as much as before COVID....
Free zoom posy brooch class
Last night’s Dorset butter tree workshop went really well. A few even finished their tree along with me, and the feedback was lovely! I’m going to demonstrate a posy brooch for our next one.